Welcome to Sān Hé Yī Learning Innovations!

Here at Sān Hé Yī, we are seeking to provide Chinese language students engaging literature for any skill level! Full length stories that don’t require stopping multiple times per page to look up the handful of characters you haven’t yet learned or simply forgot! This break in concentration takes readers away from the story, making it difficult to follow the plot, and is discouraging when it happens so frequently – even if the student understands 95% of the text!

This was my experience after over 8+ years of studying Mandarin. Despite having spoken the language full-time for 2.5 years and having lived in China for 5 months, I still could not read a novel or even most short stories in Chinese without repeated stops to look up unfamiliar characters (that will happen when you need to memorize 2,000 to 3,000 characters just to hopefully understand a newspaper article – and don’t even get me started on trying to figure out names or transliterations!). Even dual language texts with Chinese and English side-by-side weren’t helpful because I couldn’t pronounce the character even if I was able to trace it to its correct English translation. So I still had to stop and look it up.

After repeated discouragement, I set out to make reading books in Mandarin less frustrating and easier to sustain, even if you took a break from studying Chinese for the last little while. I wanted a quick reference text where I could read uniterrupted the characters I do know, with the ability to rapidly figure out the characters I do not. Additionally, I wanted to be able to ensure I was able to follow the storyline and that no strange grammar structure or compound sentence would prevent or discourage me from continuing with the book.

Luckily, the triple-column Chinese/Pinyin/English format does all that and more! It can be used by brand new students to practice pronunciation and understand grammar structure, the most advance students up keeping their skills, and every student in-between! If a student can read the novel in English, they can use our publications to study Chinese. Check out our selection and work to improve your own Chinese language abilities today!